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    We design plastic and plastic-metall composites with most modern CAD-Technology. Read More
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    We manufacture the highly precise plastic parts process orientated and highly automated. 50 injection molding machines with up to 300t Read More
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    Our own tooling manufacturing is able to produce dimensions of 900-600-820 mm. Automations are in house designed and realized. Read More
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    Our quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001 garantees continuity and safety. Read More
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Gear Motion is an expert in metal-plastic composites


With expertise gained in 50 years of developing and making highly complex components, the Gear Motion Group is one of the leading members in the automotive supplier industry. A deep understanding of material properties and the use of robust processes enable Gear Motion to meet its high quality standards.

Gear Motion manufactures products made of plastic and metal, specializing in composites of both materials. It largely does so in customer platforms that place the highest priority on quality and availability.


Our vision

We are one of the leading troubleshooters in Germany and Europe when it comes to develo- ping and manufacturing innovative, complex concepts for products made of metal, plastics and metal / plastics-composites.

Our mission

With our product, development and manufa- cturing services (consulting - development / conception - integration - optimization - service) we want to further extend our customers' competitiveness on the market.

Gear Motion Group supplies a broad range of special products used in e-drive applications and gear transmissions

Gear Motion can provide the key components of e-drive systems and complex gear solutions from a single source. Its responsibility for the entire value chain lays the foundation for high customer satisfaction. Gear Motion professionally assists its customers and carries out the shortest project phases. From development to toolmaking and mass production, we offer our knowledge in metal and plastic processing. The expertise of the Gear Motion Group is respected around the world, and demand for it is high.

Through in-house production and assembly at sites in Germany, Hungary and Belarus, we can combine regional proximity and language familiarity regarding the development work of our customers with mass production in best-cost countries.

Gear Motion is creating innovative power

Gear Motion is not just a skilled manufacturer and supplier. It has also made a name for itself as a development partner in the area of innovative drive solutions. When it comes to finding synergy benefits of metal and plastic composites, our development engineers come up with solutions for nearly every challenge and create critical competitive edges in the process. The perfect design of gears and transmissions is simulated and calculated with mold flow and FEM.

The high quality standards of the Gear Motion Group are reflected in its strong commitment to service. In this manner, customers profit from excellent customer service and robust logistics systems that guarantee on-time delivery and dependability, something that these customers can count on.


To keep up with the quality of our products, we involve our supplier in a cooperative relation. This relation is part of our quality management system and is checked regulary.

Certificate IATF 16949:2016
Certificate ISO 50001
Certificate IQNet ISO 50001
Certificate ISO 14001
Certificate IQNet ISO 14001
Certificate ISO 9001 : 2015
Certificate IQNet ISO 9001 : 2015



The environmental responsibilty reminds us to reflect our daily actions.

Our target is to handle the natural ressources carefully and use environemtnal friendly materials and consumables.


Perfection in Plastic Metal Composites

A member of KAP precision components GMBH